Mobile Solutions

DR Panel & High Frequency Mobile X-Ray

Digital Radiography for the Mobile World.

DR Panel Choices

    MOMENTUM-DR GL-P Flatpanel
  • 14"x17" Exposure Area
  • Lithium Ion Capacitor (7-yr warranty)
  • Wireless Interface
  • IP56 Dust & Liquid Resistance
  • Cesium Scintillator
  • Rapid Charge
  • Featherlight 3.9 lbs
  • Easy Grip Design
    Universal DR Wireless Flatpanel
  • 14"x17" Exposure Area
  • Cesium Scintillator
  • Wireless Interface
  • IP44 Dust & Liquid Resistance
  • 16-bit A/D Conversion
  • Lithium Ion Battery (2 included)
  • Lightlight 6.6 lbs
  • Carbon Fiber and Mg Alloy Construction

Momentum-DR GL-P Flatpanel (Cesium Flatpanel)
Momentum-DR GL-P is a high dynamic range glassless digital detector solution for general radiography. This 14x17 wireless Flat Panel detector is featherweight and easy to maneuver, and is a true cassette sized hospital-grade 16-bit DR Panel with a Cesium scintillator providing the highest image quality possible.

Universal DR Wireless Panel (Cesium Flatpanel)
All new wireless connectivity. Eliminate the need for a static wired connection & the need to run extra cabling. The 14x17 inch panel produces high quality images wirelessly.


High Frequency output
  • Fold under front leg design allows X-ray tube to park with collimator down or facing outward.
  • Single action duel wheel brake system (locks both wheels with on action)
  • Single solid axle with two 14 inch heavy duty wheel
  • Four way motion tube arm (Up/Down/Right/Left)
  • Made of Aluminum in USA
  • Very light portable X-ray system for home health

SR-130 Mobile X-RAY

High Frequency output
  • 3.0kw Output
  • Fully Regulated mA / kVp
  • enhanced image quality, extended tube life
Output Specifications
  • KVP Range 40-100
  • KVP Range 40-100
  • MAS Range 0.15-120

Software Integration & Acquisition

Acquire Software/Generator Integration
  • Anatomical Program Selection
  • Preset x-ray techniques & exams
  • Selection directly at workstation
Superior Image Quality
  • Sharper images, optimized clarity
  • Quick view selection
  • Customizable image sharpness level
  • Auto Contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop
  • Images auto-save during acquisition to Server for immediate access in exam rooms

PC Hardware

Business Class Components
Lenovo ThinkPad L14 Gen4 or current model PC
  • 14" (1080p)                         
  • High Quality Touchscreen Display for optimized viewing                   
  • Intel 13th gen i5-1345U CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 ram
  • Space saving and Lightweight for on the go

Opal-RAD Software

Multi-functional Studylist (see above)
  • DICOM Send
  • Custom search/query
  • Burn/Import CDs
  • Compare images (post/pre op)
  • Customize user privileges
Acquisition (see above)
  • Processing Technology: sharper images, clarity
  • Auto Contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop
Viewer (see left)
  • User friendly, DICOM compliant,

Preset Exams (Opal Foldering)

  • Time saving Pre-configured exams
  • Fully customizable
  • Reduces technician errors
  • Fast-switching to all views
  • Add & remove views on the fly


Realtime Cloud Backup

  • Add Cloud-Backup at anytime! Add'l fee applies***
  • Live synchronization in the background
  • Secure 448-bit encryption for all data traffic
  • Enterprise grade software (CrashPlan Enterprise)
  • Customizable to meet office bandwith needs
  • Safe & Secure, Worry-Free


  • DR Panels: (see above)
  • SR-130 X-Ray: 5yr mechanical, 3yr tube/electrical
  • PC Components: 3year full on-site incl. parts
  • Experienced live technician support after installation

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