Sonimage MX1 Platinum

Point of Care Hand-carried Ultrasound System

MX1 Platinum

More Transducers

Selection now Includes our 18 MHz 40mm and/or 18 MHz Hockey Stick Linears

Increased Resolution

“IXRET” achieves higher resolution & faster frame rates by utilizing Konica Minolta’s unique imaging technology

“MPA” (Multi Parameter Adjuster)

MPA enables user to change multiple image parameters such as the frequency, gain, focus, and more along with turning on trapezoid imaging automatically just by making changes to image depth

Vascular NAVI

Vascular NAVI automatically adjust ROI, doppler cursor position, gate size, angle correction, and steering angle.

Camera Function

Delivers picture-in-picture within the ultrasound screen for improved documentation and review. Both the clinical image and ultrasound image show probe position and current anatomy.

New Probes

MX1-P now uses the superior 18-4 MHz. linear transducer

IXRET Algorithm

Konica Minolta technology yields higher resolution & frame rates

Multi Parameter Adjuster

Change multiple Image parameters by adjusting the depth

Vascular Navi

Auto adjust ROI, doppler cursor position, gate size, steering & angle correction

Camera Function

Picture-in-Picture of ultrasound image, probe position on current anatomy

5 year warranty on system and probe

Available as a part of a podiatry specific, complete solution. Click here for more info.