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Digital Retro-fit Solutions

C-DR & C-FP - Retrofit Chiropractic Solutions

Additional System Configurations available

20/20 Imaging brings 20/20 vision to your practice offering custom retrofit DR configurations to accommodate your facility with existing x-ray equipment. Our latest DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the very latest technology of digital imaging to your practice. The C-DR & C-FPG retro-fit systems include; digital CCD or flatpanel detector, acquisition workstation, exposure interface, cabinet, encased grid, mounting hardware, business-class computer technology, full Opal-CHIRO software package with the most robust features, extended warranties, and an on-site installation.

C-DR HG+ Panel (CCD Technology)

20/20 C-DR’s 14x17 sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on an acquire computer workstation within 10-12 seconds from exposure. It is adaptable to most existing x-ray systems with our universal grid cabinet. CCD technology produces a high quality image at a lower cost over flatpanel.

C-FP Tethered Panel (Flatpanel, Gadolinium)
The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17x17 inch panel produces high quality images and is configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. FPG offers true flatpanel technology.

C-FPW Wireless Panel (Wireless Flatpanel, Gadolinium or Cesium)
All new wireless connectivity. Eliminate the need for a static wired connection & the need to run extra cabling. The 14x17 inch panel produces high quality images wirelessly.

Retro-fit Configurations

We can fit to virtually any existing x-ray unit
  • General Practice
  • Upper-Cervical
More cabinet options available
  • Standard
  • Rotating-Arm


Panel Options

    C-DR Economical (CCD) Detector
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • 14”x17” Imaging Area
  • Economical CCD Technology
  • 3.2 lp/mm
  • AD conv. 12-bit
    C-FP (Flat Panel) Detector
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 17”x17” Imaging Area
  • Detector Housing
  • 3.5 lp/mm
  • AD conv. 14-bit
    C-FPW (Wireless Flat Panel) Detector
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Gadolinium or Cesium
  • 14”x17” Imaging Area
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cassette sized
  • 3.3 lp/mm




Acquisition Interface

Superior Image Quality
  • X-Pipe Technology: sharper images, clarity
  • Configured for grid suppression
  • Quick view selection
  • Customizable image sharpness level
  • Auto Contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop
  • Images auto-save during acquisition to Server for immediate access in exam rooms

PC Hardware

Dell™ brand Business Class Components
Server PC (Full PACS)*
  • Core i5, 4GB ram
  • 1TB RAID 1 mirror (failsafe system)
23" LED/LCD 2MP Viewing Monitor
  • Portrait view ready
Off-site backup system
  • 2.5" lightweight portable hard drives (2)


Opal-CHIRO Software

Multi-functional Studylist (see above)
  • Burn/Import CDs
  • Compare images (post/pre op)
  • Custom search/query
  • Customize user privileges
Viewer (see left)
  • User friendly, DICOM compliant, DPM Tools
  • 5 additional viewing licenses included
  • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere!*

Chiropractic Tool-Set

  • Advanced Orthogonal Analysis
  • Gonstead measurements
  • Upper Cervical Analysis
  • George’s Lines
  • Ilium Analysis
  • Line Drawing
  • Measuring
  • Angles (Regular, Cobb)
  • Cervical Curve
  • Lumbar Curve
  • Orthospinology
  • Full Spine Stitching
  • Spine Labeling
  • *DC Tools-Set Included


Realtime Cloud Backup

  • Add Cloud-Backup at anytime! Add'l fee applies**
  • Live synchronization in the background
  • Secure 448-bit encryption for all data traffic
  • Enterprise grade software (CrashPlan Enterprise)
  • Customizable to meet office bandwith needs
  • Safe & Secure, Worry-Free

On-Site Install & Training

  • System setup by professional 20/20 certified installer
  • Full training for both doctors and x-ray techs
  • Monitoring by tech to ensure entire trained staff is completely comfortable


  • 10X12HG+ DR Panel: 4 year warranty
  • 17X17 FP/FPG DR Panel: 3 year warranty
  • PC Components: 3year full on-site incl. parts
  • Experienced live technician support after installation

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